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Our new brickslips made with the RUVIDO surface are available in different colour variants

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Celina Klinker Tutorial No 1 - Sticking brickslips VINTAGE style

Celina Klinker Tutorial No 2 - Poiting brickslips VINTAGE style

NEW ! in our range


Enlargement of our surface waterstruck


NEW ! in our range


Special recipe for a modern hard-fired clinker.


Modern wall design in a RECLAIMED BRICKWORK STYLE

Modern wall design with Celina Klinker brick slips from the new “VINTAGE” series.

The brick slips made from real fired clay are reminiscent of the industrial architecture of the 19th and early 20th Century. Facades made from "Vintage" brick slips glow with their different structures and iridescent colours, warmth and liveliness, without putting themselves in the spotlight. Whether in straight-modern architecture, country house or building - this special charm of an exposed reclaimed-style brick wall offers the perfect backdrop for many different situations.

Special homely touches can be excellently achieved with "Vintage": pillars are emphasized, fireplaces gets a generous framework, kitchens, bathrooms, staircases are set in the scene...

The natural colours of the brick slips are not fading and greying. A positive effect of Celina Klinker brick slips is their easy care surface which also protects heavily stressed wall surfaces from degradation. This not only saves costs in the long term but you can also avoid the hassle of future renovation.
Special brick slip corners - suitable for each variety - emphasise the perfect brick wall optics.

Celina Klinker brick slips are also easy to handle and install and are particularly cost-effective to purchase.

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