Please check the brick slips before installing (Correct color? Correct article? Color and size of corners and flats matching together?). The substrate should be clean, dust free, workable, solid and even. Any wallpaper or other residues should be removed before installing the brick slips. We recommend priming the substrate. Spread a suitable flexible adhesive with a toothed spreader by “buttering” both on the back of the slip and on the wall ("buttering-floating"). A string line will be helpful.

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Press the brick slips into the adhesive bed with slightly sliding sideways movements, so that they are surrounded by the adhesive completely. Always mix the slips from several packages and several pallets.

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If desired, grout traditionally with jointing iron and tiling grout after 24 hours. Always process horizontal and vertical joints together promptly.

Tutorial - gluing brickslips

Tutorial - jointing brickslips